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Local vehicle servicing in Tonbridge

Servicing can seem like an avoidable cost, particularly for those who are short on time, money or both. Sticking to your vehicle’s service schedule is, however, quite simply the best way to save money in the long term.
Regular servicing keeps your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. It also means our skilled technicians can pick up on potential problems before they become significant. A slight leak of coolant might not seem like a major issue, top it up once a week, and it’ll be fine, right? If that leak suddenly becomes worse, you could end up needing a new radiator, water pump and head gasket replacement, with very little warning at all.

Do I really need a service?

During a service, we’ll check all areas of your vehicle, including parts you might find difficult to monitor yourself. Take your brake pads, for example, if they get a bit worn, they’ll more than likely seem fine for a while, until you suddenly notice a nasty grinding noise or a big drop off in efficiency. Severely worn brake pads can easily result in damage to the rest of your brakes, with the brake discs themselves then needing replacing.

We understand that sometimes you might not be able to have all your vehicle maintenance done at once. Our technicians will be able to discuss with you if any extra work is required. We’ll always be transparent about the urgency, necessity and price of any work that’s needed.

Use our online booking tool by simply entering in your registration, and you can check when your car MOT date is coming up. You can book up to 28 days before your MOT is due so that you get a full 13 months MOT cover.

We offer three levels of servicing which can all be booked online, in just a couple of clicks. Enter your registration and we’ll provide the price of each level, as well as a detailed checklist of everything that each service level covers.​

Full, interim and major van or car servicing

Most manufacturers recommend our interim servicing option be carried out every 6 months or around every 6,000 miles. This involves changing the oil and filter in your vehicle, along with a basic check of all the vital components of your car or van. We’ll check for any leaks, along with checking fluid levels (such as coolant, washer and brake fluid), providing a top up if required. We’ll check the condition of your brakes, suspension, exhaust and other vital components. If we spot anything, such as a minor leak or brake pads running low, you can be assured we’ll always speak to you and explain exactly what the issue is before carrying out any work.

We also offer full and major service options. Each service level increases the number of items that are checked or changed. For example, in a major service, we’ll change spark plugs (or the fuel filter) as required, along with your pollen and air filter. We’ll test the boiling point of your brake fluid to ensure it’s still working properly, along with a full test of your electrics, including your battery and alternator.

Book online now for any of our service offerings using our online booking tool. Just select the type of service you want and you’ll get an instant price where you can book 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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