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Precision 4-wheel alignment and tracking in Tonbridge

At Horsepower Motor Centre, we have the latest advanced technology for wheel alignment and tracking. Our technicians have the same training and skills you would find at a main dealership, we have the same top quality tools and equipment you’d find at a main dealership, the only difference is our prices.

How would my wheels have ended up out of alignment?

Wheels get knocked around a fair bit even during ordinary, day-to-day driving. As a result, over time, wheels can end up out of alignment. Issues can also arise from more obvious causes, such as speed bumps and potholes. Even bumping a kerb whilst parking can affect your tracking and alignment.

How do misaligned wheels affect my car?

If you’ve noticed certain issues with your car or van, such as it veers or pulls to one side whilst driving, the chances are you need your wheels aligning. Poor wheel alignment will not only affect the handling of your vehicle, it will also cause uneven tyre wear. This will mean your tyres will wear out much faster, costing you money in the long run.

Alongside causing uneven tyre wear, poorly aligned wheels can, over time, cause damage to various parts of your vehicle. Bad tracking and wheel alignment can lead to excessive stress and wear on various components, including your suspension and steering. As well as potentially damaging your vehicle, poor wheel alignment will also make your fuel economy worse, costing you more every time you fill up.

Top tech to get your car tip top

At Horsepower, our top of the range wheel alignment technology allows us to quickly test your vehicle and adjust your wheels back to the manufacturer’s recommended settings. The equipment we use for our wheel alignment is a precision piece of technology. The angles and degrees involved are often tiny, hence the need for expensive tools to get the best results.

We offer two types of alignment at Horsepower. The first option is still often referred to as tracking. This is when we adjust just your front wheels, which is where most alignment issues arise. This will usually solve any issues you have had with your vehicle pulling to one side whilst driving.

The second option is our four-wheel alignment, which uses the latest camera technology to test your vehicle before we reset your alignment to your vehicle manufacturers recommended settings.

Book your wheel alignment online, pay once the work is finished

You can book either wheel alignment option online simply by entering your vehicle registration number selecting the required service with instant access to prices. Simply click on the option you require, then choose a time and date that suits you.

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