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Car diagnostic tests and fault code reading

Main dealer standard diagnostics covering Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Royal Tunbridge Wells

At Horsepower Motor Centre, we have the latest diagnostic equipment and software covering all major manufacturers. There’s virtually no vehicle systems that we can’t access to the same degree as a franchise main dealer. Given how much more affordable we are than the main dealer alternative, there’s simply no reason for you to go anywhere else for your vehicle diagnostics.

Dashboard dilemmas

Most of us have experienced the worry of a serious looking or unfamiliar light appearing on the dashboard. In some cars, these warnings may appear on the navigation and entertainment display screen. Even in those cases, it’s usually not immediately apparent what the issue with your vehicle may be. When a light or warning appears, it means that your engine’s ECU has produced a fault code, as something within your car is not working as it should.

How do misaligned wheels affect my car?

Different makes and models of vehicle will have a variety of warning lights. Whilst some may not be serious at all, not requiring immediate attention, other lights, however, could mean that there is a major issue with your vehicle that needs to be fixed fast. If you’re not sure exactly what the issue with your car or van is, you can rely on the experience of the team at Horsepower to diagnose the issue quickly and accurately.

Unexplained problems with your car

Older, classic or modified cars might not have the complex computer systems of modern vehicles. Even in newer vehicles, sometimes faults will occur that don’t produce any form of warning light. You might suddenly notice your car is handling strangely, underpowered or making strange noises. If you’ve got an issue you’re worried about, you can get book a visual inspection online with our friendly team of technicians, who’ll do their best to identify the problem. We’ll then discuss the issue with you and try and come up with the best solution for you and your vehicle.

Between them, the team at Horsepower have a wealth of experience covering all ages, makes and models of vehicle. Our business relies on our return customers; just as they rely on our honesty, quality of work and excellent value.

Book diagnostic checks or a visual inspection online 24/7

If you have a warning light (or lights) and require a computer diagnostic check, you can book an appointment online, simply by entering your vehicle registration. During the check, we’ll identify the fault codes and discuss them with you. We’ll also reset the ECU once the issue has been resolved. If you have an issue but you’re not entirely sure what the problem is, you can book a free visual inspection with one of our team.

Simply enter your vehicle registration to get an instant price and book your car in now. You don’t pay until the work is done

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