Car Sourcing At Horsepower Motor Centre, Kent

What is car sourcing?

Put simply, car sourcing is YOU (the buyer) commissioning US (the seller) to locate, prepare and supply your next car.

What are the advantages?

Our professional car sourcing service is becoming increasingly popular by the month. This is because it conveniently shifts the responsibility of finding your next car away from you and firmly into the hands of us, the experts. So, why should Horsepower Motor Centre find your next car?

  • You save time – no more wasted journeys to see cars that aren’t as described.
  • You save money – we don’t pay for advertising, sales people and day-to-day valeting so quoted prices take this into account.
  • You get the right car – you select the colour, specification, age and mileage and your budget.
  • You get peace of mind – all major mechanical components guaranteed for 3 months.
  • Your car comes with a clean bill of health – 12 months MOT, a Service and a 141 point pre-delivery inspection makes sure of this.
  • Unbiased and personal - we work for you, on your behalf and for no-one else, our decisions are influenced by your requirements and made with your interests at mind.

How does it work?

An initial meeting is held to achieve the following:-

Confirmation of the make, model and specification of the vehicle you’re after and any special requirements you have.

Confirmation of your budget.

Confirmation of your intended payment method (if financed through a Horsepower Motor Centre Ltd. Third Party Lender,

Finance application is completed and submitted for approval).

Payment of a £500 (GBP) initial deposit (fully refundable in the event that we are unable to locate what it is you are looking for within the time period agreed).

Unless agreed otherwise, a period of 28 days, commencing one working day after the day of the initial meeting, is needed to locate your vehicle.

Available vehicles are screened and qualifying vehicle’s details are sent to you – this typically includes at least three images, past service-history and previous keeper information.

Once you have chosen a vehicle, a second deposit of 50% of the remaining balance is due.

Within 72 hours of 4), an Estimated Date of Delivery is confirmed.

The remaining balance is due at the time of collection.