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Why Every Vehicle Deserves AA Inspection

Published on Monday November 4th 2019

For us car enthusiasts, the number one priority is to make sure that our beloved motors stay as happy as we do on the road. It can be heartbreaking both emotionally and financially to see that horrid ‘Warning’ sign pop up on the dashboard when you’re least expecting it, so it’s important to take every precaution possible to avoid ever being in this difficult situation.

When looking for a new used car, it can often take countless hours of research and digging deep to even find a potential companion for you on the road, and there’s nothing worse than regretting your final decision on a vehicle that could’ve been better suited for you. That’s why the team here at Horsepower Motor Centre are dedicated to making your vehicle-searching quest that little bit easier. As part of our used car portfolio, each quality assured vehicle has been AA Inspected for top quality, performance and safety checks that give you reassurance and trust.

Regular AA Inspected checks are completed by our very own Rob (pictured), who treats each vehicle like one of his own. Every component of the vehicle is manually tested for performance checks, top to bottom. A mandatory 4-mile test drive is also completed at the end of the inspection for final quality assurance checks, then bingo, AA Inspected vehicle confirmed!

To find out more on our AA Inspected vehicle service and additional care resources, please visit our dedicated section on our website here:, or speak to our wonderful Peter Carroll directly on 01732 357182.

Written by Josh Balmer