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Top 5 Reasons for MOT Failure

Published on Monday November 11th 2019

When it comes around to the dreaded MOT check for your vehicle, it needn’t be a stressful, strenuous process. Regular neglect of your beautiful car can lead to long-term issues which can be unforeseen, so it’s always important to keep on top of safety checks before the big day.

To combat these issues, we’ve outlined the top 5 reasons behind MOT failure so you can prepare for that ‘Pass’ on your paperwork (get your notebook out and jot these down):

5. Road Spring and Suspension Systems


Often forgotten about, the suspension is a crucial aspect of your car and must support both road handling and road quality. It is of paramount importance for the suspension to keep the road wheel in contact with the surface of the road as often as possible, therefore regular damage to this component can severely damage the performance of your vehicle. One of the most important aspects of vehicle maintenance, it is important to follow all professional advice to keep this in top condition at all times.

4. Screen Wash and Wipers


Now you’re probably thinking, why on earth would this even come into question in my MOT test? If your screen wash system or wipers are faulty and do not perform as normal, this will be classified as an aspect to fail. The party who conduct your MOT are not eligible to fill up your screen wash or tamper with your wipers at any stage, therefore it is important to service this system from the first sign of a fault. A simple check for this system can save you a bunch of time, money and hassle.

3. Lights


This may be an obvious aspect to check prior to your MOT testing, but the proof is in the detail when it comes to the all-important pass. In general, rear/brake lights are found to have more faults in them than the main front lights. Most modern vehicles do have an in-built system which notifies the driver of any faults with the lighting components, although this does not apply to all vehicles. Headlight aim is also the subject of many MOT failures, so it’s important to check the requirements needed to pass this aspect of the test.

2. Tyres


Great quality tyres make your car and the world go around, so don’t neglect these bad boys. As you may have heard one hundred times before, the tread and depth of tyres is a crucial aspect to stay on top of while maintaining your vehicle. Wheel alignment is underappreciated in the industry, with some motorists neglecting this aspect of the vehicle service, with some cases affecting handling and overall safety – instant MOT failure. If a tyre has been replaced in the past, it is likely that the tyre is a slightly different specification to your original. A mis-match in axel pairs (e.g. different brand/tread pattern/winter or summer tyres/pressures) and a DSI below 3 can result in the dreaded MOT failure.

1. Poor Overall Servicing



At number one on our checklist, it’s the biggest killer of vehicles nationwide. Cutting corners may seem like great idea to save time and money but these tactics always come around to deal you a heavy blow when you least expect it. Ignoring manufacturer recommended service intervals (often a mistake made) can be a costly error, with the knock-on effects including an incorrect oil grade in your vehicle (people often choose a cheaper option such as semi-synthetic oils), high emission levels and low vehicle quality overall.

Make the right choices, follow professional guidelines to help keep your beautiful vehicle in tip-top shape, then you’ll have nothing to worry about prior to your all-important MOT test.

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Written by Josh Balmer